THOUSANDS COLORS has yarns of quality that is simply unbelievable, with a variety of colors of Alpaca yarns and a blend of Baby Alpaca with Silk. The most impressive thing is that if you do not find the desired color of the incredible selection of over our 500 colors, then you can choose to develop and dye the color you want from our laboratory.

Our objective is encouraging you to get involved and introduce new woven garments. Since simple projects that can be knit in an instant, to something more challenging that can expand a new skill for our knitters or by yourself.

-Let us help you turn your ideas into extraordinary products; the garments will be truly one-of-a-kind.

-Select the style, pattern, details and choose the colors that you identify or associate with your personality.

-If the color you need is not in our card of more than 1.000 colors, we can develop it for you.

-THOUSANDS COLORS will add a new dimension to your custom item.